Welcome to From Books to Business! My name is Gwendolynn Thomas and this is my blog on building a career in fiction writing from the ground up. I’ll post what worked (if anything does), what didn”t (which is inevitable), and how I went about deciding to make each of the decisions I make.

When I graduated college I decided to cancel the interviews I had lined up, scrap the resume I’d so hatefully scraped together, leave my business clothes to go hang in my closet, and build my own career. In a word: terrifying. I’d have done anything for an idea of where to start, what decisions to make and how and when to make them. I couldn’t find a clear career path so I decided to make one and mark the trail behind me.

I come from a business background. It’s how I see the world. So when I look at my fledgling writing career, I see a fledgling writing business. So let’s talk business first and writing second. As an up and coming writer, I want the same things as any other experienced, successful business: Production, Marketing, and Sales.

So, I spent quite a bit of time fluttering around my living room, having a conniption about the fact that I’m starting a business. But at the end of the day, there is a massive amount of information about each and every step involved in setting up a new business. So let’s start walking through them (with minimal panicked flapping).


My writing & my books. There are hundreds of excellent writing resources already available in the world, so I’m probably not going to talk much about this. My first vital business step was clearly in creating a good manuscript, but this blog is really about how I’m trying to turn writing books into a business. I’m sure I’ll get off topic and ramble about how I write also, as everyone likes to talk about themselves, but really, rambling is all it is :p


Real quick difference between marketing and sales that my father told me: Marketing is building your brand (I’m lovin’ it!) and sales is selling more stuff (want fries with that?).

So, presumably my brand would be my pseudonym/author’s name  and marketing is everything I can do to get people to recognize it and want it.


When I’m selling directly to readers, I figure my product sales are my book sales. Let’s talk selling to publishers later, ’cause I have had lots of long nights thinking about that decision.

So, I’ve accepted I”m starting a business…now what?



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