RWA Conference

The RWA Conference just ended and my information is all in.

Conference Registration: $435
Flights To/From: $500
Snacks in Airport: $21.13
Meals During Conference: 31.52

Total: 987.65

Worth it? Totally, absolutely worth it.

I’d been searching for months for information on Traditional vs. Self Publishing options, and I got it all laid out for me over the course of an hour, and bonus: I made a new friend!

I’d been annoying all my friends with my longwinded diatribes on the direction of book sales, and now I met a bunch of people who actually cared! (Or pretended they did with significantly more skill) Who did fancy things like give me their cards so that we can keep in touch. So, project for today: send a bunch of emails out to some spectacular women! Yes, please.

I signed up to pitch to an agent and they requested a partial manuscript, so that’s Awesome and clearly career advancement whether or not it works out.

And I got some seriously useful advice. Anecdotal do’s and don’ts for pitching, warnings and recommendations about publishers, and some fabulous conversations about how the heck to do what I’m trying to do.

The bonus? A giant kick in the ass to write more, network more, and work harder. I couldn’t ask for a more inspiring group of people!


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