So tweeting.

Honestly, I never thought it was particularly valuable. The internet is inundated with witty, clever little one liners and I never really thought attempting to compete with that would help my career. But my friend Ann told me something rather interesting – Twitter doesn’t work well to connect to fans in every industry, but that’s not precisely what its designed for – what its great at is networking Within your field.

So…all those people I just met at my conference – I could follow them on Twitter and see what events they’re going to and what they’re doing within my field? Now, that I can understand.

So far, I’ve liked it quite well. As I am mostly following authors, publishers, promoters, and editors, I go on twitter and get a long list of interesting links to articles. The articles are mostly about how to promote better, how to edit better, how to use twitter better, and so forth. In other words, a long list of suggestions on where to find the information that I need. Now that is very, very nice. And I’ll retweet the ones I like, and so add to the cacophony. 

So, long story short – I have a twitter page now. Follow me @GwendolynTweets.


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